How To Get A Free US Virtual Phone Number For Verification?

By | June 5, 2017

On many occasions, everyone requires a US Phone Number for verification purpose but we all are living outside of USA so we can’t get a real US mobile phone to use for verificational purposes but it’s now easier to get a virtual phone number that can help us in verifying our accounts of PayPal, Whatsapp & many others.

In the same post, I’m going to guide you step by step that how you can get a free US Virtual Phone Number by many different ways without paying any cent even in Pakistan.

While creating a PayPal account In Pakistan, we need to enter details from the country outside of Pakistan because Pakistan is not supported by PayPal & therefore we need to use the working mobile phone number of the forign country that can help us in verifying our

So, let’s get to the first step:

Creating A Free US Virtual Phone Number Using

With the help of site, we all are allowed to get a free virtual mobile number of USA to send & receive messages & calls & which we can use for verification purposes as well.

Here’s how you can create a free USA number with

  • Visit site & create an account there.
  • will now require you a US area code. So, get US Area Code from this site & put it into the verification box.
  • Once your account is created, now you need to verify your account by the confirmation link in email you have received from
  • Once your account is fully activated, Log into your account & enjoy a free US Virtual mobile number.

Creating A Free US Virtual Phone Number Using is another site that allows you to create a free account & get a virtual mobile phone number which you can use for any kind of verificational purposes such as you can verify PayPal account, you can verify Whatsapp & all other Softwares, Apps & Sites & banks accounts etc.

Follow below steps to get free us virtual mobile phone number using

  • Visit & sign up there for an account.
  • Confirm the account by confirmation email you will receive after signing up.
  • Once your account is activated, log into your account & you will see your free number at the left sidebar of your account dashboard in the #. 1777…. format.

You can use these numbers free of cost for any kind of verifications.

Hope this small post helped you. If you have any question then please comment below & I would be happy to help you.

4 thoughts on “How To Get A Free US Virtual Phone Number For Verification?

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  2. anonymouse

    great. I did know about callcentric but textnow is way better. do you know how the ssn verification should be done for a specific name? would they check only the name with ssn or address also.

  3. James Brown

    Hello, my name is James. Going through your info on how to get free us mobile numbers out side us for verification, with someone from Africa, does the number work, and does it receive calls if someone try to call you via the virtual number ? here is my email id.


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