How To Make PayPal Account In Pakistan

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How To Make A Verified PayPal Account In Pakistan Free?


Useless to say that Millions of users across the world is using PayPal for their Online Payment Transferring & Funding purpose. But due to some security related issues with the company, it has now at the time, not working in many particular countries such as in Pakistan, Bangladesh, & in Afghanistan but this doesn’t mean you are just limited to Payoneer only. In this detailed guide, I’ll be guiding you step by step that how you can get & make a verified PayPal account in Pakistan & in many other unsupported countries very quickly, easily & without using any fake details. This is guaranteed & I have got an account for myself as well as I’m creating accounts for my clients the same way I’m going to show you in this quick post.

PayPal Alternatives In Pakistan:

PayPal has many alternatives such as Payoneer which is currently supported in Pakistan & thousands of bloggers & freelancers are using it. If you just need to receive your money & income from marketplaces that support Payoneer MasterCard then Payoneer is the best solution. Even though, many of the Online companies & sites do not support & accept Payoneer such as Affiliate sites & which in that case, you will need to have a PayPal account of your own.

Along with PayPal account, you will also need to have a Payoneer Account because when you get your Paypal account & fund your account with money & earning, you will then need to move & transfer it to a secured & your own legal bank account as soon as possible in order to put your Earning & Income under the safe roof because we don’t know when & why our account will have vanished as PayPal is not available here & which Payoneer is the best for the purpose.

We have dealt with Payoneer & they are now giving a $25 Bonus Reward to each customer that signs up through our Unique Referral Link Below.

It’s that easy to get a verified Payoneer Account. You can also read this detailed Payoneer MasterCard Applying In Pakistan guide.

How To Get PayPal Account In Pakistan Free Legally?

Follow this step by step process/trick to get your PayPal account within the next 10 minutes totally free without any bank details & credit card.

So, let’s dive into the guide.

Firstly, Visit site & click on Sign up button there to redirect to the signup or creating account form.


Now, at this stage, PayPal will ask you whether you want to create a personal account or Business account. So, if you are just receiving your earning & money from affiliate networks, ads networks, freelance sites & other online companies then choosing a Personal account would the perfect choice for you otherwise you can select & choose the  Business account, too.

After choosing an account & clicking next, now in the form, put the following details.

Street Address: Your own street address

City: Tocumen

State: PA (Panama)

Zip Code: 19290 or you can choose your own city zip code or area code.

Note that it’s not necessary for you to use & put the above details. You can also choose your own details, too.

Now, you need to have a US Mobile Phone Number. You might don’t have a US number but don’t be upset. Just follow the below steps to get your own US Mobile Phone Number.


  • Now get back to & put the area code into there.


After clicking Continue, you will get a US Brand Mobile Phone number which you can use to verify your PayPal account.


So, copy the phone number from there & go back to PayPal page & enter the Mobile phone number there.

Once you put the Mobile phone number & other details correctly, you will be able to successfully create your brand new account. So now click next & you will be taken to a new page there.

All you have to do is just click on Manage Communication Preferences link to go to your PayPal account which we just made in Pakistan free.

Lastly, you will now need to confirm the account by the email that PayPal will send to the email address you have used while signing up for an account. So, check your Inbox & confirm the account in order to fully activate your account.

And finally, that’s it. We created a verified PayPal account In Pakistan free completely legally & here is the prove.


Hope you would have followed the same process & would have got your own account right in Pakistan & in many other unsupported countries. Please share this guide with your colleagues to let them know that they can easily create an account of their own & can link it with Payoneer account freely & quickly to receive their PayPal money into Payoneer safely.

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